Love Will Come Later

Inside Marrakech’s bustling Medina, Samir is looking for love and a brighter future. But his summer flings all come to a bitter end at the airport and he is left behind in a country with limited possibilities. When Samir really falls in love, he is faced with a major decision: Should he listen to his sisters and agree to an arranged marriage in Morocco? Or should he follow his love and his dream of a brighter future in Europe? 

Director: Julia Furer
DOP: Nathalie Kamber    
Editing: Marielle Pohlmann
Sound Mix: Thomas Rechberger
VFX: Marlon Candeloro
Color Grading: Hannes Rüttimann
Music: Moritz Widrig
Production: Franziska Sonder, Stella Händler
Coproduction: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, SRF (Swiss National Television), Al Jazeera Documentary Channel

Dok.fest München – Pitch Award des Hauses des Dokumentarfilms

Zurich Film Festival, World Premiere, 2021