Kinderfrei – Frauen ohne Kinderwunsch


Being a woman is often equated with motherhood, and even today, women without a desire for children face a chilly wind of misunderstanding. A young midwife who wants to undergo sterilization, a creative feminist from the Boomer generation, and a lively eighty-year-old are undeterred by this. The glimpse into the lives of these three strong women reveals surprising forms of fulfillment beyond societal norms.

Director: Antonia Meile
Camera: Aline László
Sound: Kathleen Moser
Editing: Anja Bombelli
Music: Heidi Happy
Sound design and Pre-mix: Daniel Almada
Mixing: Dominik Avenwedde
Color Grading: Martina Jung
Graphics: David Züricher
Producer: Stella Händler
Co-production: Swiss Radio and Television SRF