Journey of Shadows


A seemingly idyllic lovers’ encounter reveals itself to be the start of a genderless figure’s surreal odyssey. The character’s erratic journey through timeless, borderless universes leads them into deep abysses of control and manipulation. Confronted with various partners, toxic relationships, and with themselves, the figure learns who they really are, piece by piece.

The story tackles what makes humans human in the age of technology and artificial intelligence. Using a unique 3D animation technique, artist Yves Netzhammer’s feature debut takes an unsparing look at both present and future, reflecting on the mutual condition of human and non-human entities in an ongoing cycle of becoming and decline.

The animated universe and the protagonists are characterized by fluidity and interchangeable identities. Complemented by a complex, elaborate score, the animation offers an immersive, dreamlike cinematic experience. Throughout his body of work, Yves Netzhammer created an aesthetic of his own: non-naturalistic and stylized shapes, model-like and symbolic characters, objects, and landscapes. Despite – or thanks to – their face- and speechlessness, the characters are like a projection screen for our own emotions and interpretations of human conditioning. An intriguing, thought-provoking poetic soulscape.

Script, Director, Animation: Yves Netzhammer
Editing & Dramaturgical Advice: Loredana Cristelli
Sound Design: Oscar Parcival Van Hoogevest
Music: Anthony Pateras
Creative Producer: Jolanda Gsponer
Producer: Stella Händler
Foley Artist: Peter Bräker
Mixing Dolby Atmos: Oslo Studios
Postproduction Image: Tweaklab
Music Mixing: Daniel Dettwiler (Idee & Klang Studio)
Artwork: Groenlandbasel
A freihändler and Liechti Filmproduction, Stella Händler, Jolanda Gsponer
In Co-Production with SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

IFFR Rotterdam, Tiger Competition, January 2024 (World Premiere)