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The Crusaders

One of the world’s largest cruise ships, with 3000 passengers and 1000 crew on board, departs from Miami for the same Caribbean cruise every week. The ship is a gigantic floating vacation island. All rooms are airconditioned, leaving the passengers to sweat only in the fitness studio. The deep-blue sea is so far below the sundeck that neither the smell of salt nor the sound of the waves crashing across the bow reach the swimming pool.Karin and Sascha, a young couple from Switzerland, are on their honeymoon. For them, the cruise is a longtime dream come true. They pack their most elegant clothes, looking forward to the gala dinners. “At home we are the driving teacher and the hair dresser. Here we can play different roles for once!”
The cruise ship offers a 24-hour program of endless shopping and entertainment possibilities. The film accompanies the young couple on this love boat of mass tourism.
Will their expectations come true?

Author and Director: Angela Spörri
DOP: Steff Bossert
Sound: Patrick Becker
Editor: Anja Bombelli
Music and Sounddesign: Simon Grab
Mixing and Sounddesign: Jürg von Allmen C.A.S.
Production: Stella Händler
Coproduction: Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Teleclub


DocMarket, Documentary Festival, Thessaloniki
Tourist City – die Neuerfindung des Ortes, Bremen Rassegna Internazionale di Film Etnografici, Nuoro, Sardinien