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The Cowboy And I

The director is no fool; his imagination is the only place where he is a tough hero… But he wants to break free from this tame, dull life he is leading. He will ask urban cowboy Angy Burri how to go about it. Surely, with this great guy’s help, he will soon be a greenhorn no more but become a real man.

Author and Director: Dominik Suppiger
DOP: Stephan Huwyler
Sound: Daniel Jeseneg, Alex Wigger
Editor: Stephan Heiniger
Music / Sounddesign: Maple Tree Circus
Mentorship: Simon Weber
Production: Stella Händler
Coproduction: Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst



Jugendfilmtage 2014, 3. Preis der Jury & Publikumspreis


Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
Kurzfilmnacht-Tour 2014
Intern. Filmfestival La Guarimba, Italien
NEU/NOW ONLINE Festival, Glasgow