Alima from Senegal allows herself to be talked into marrying an elderly Swiss, because he promises her an education. The two fall out and separate. On the death of her husband, Alima faces the threat of expulsion. The film reflects on the way in which foreign women who marry Swiss are legally dependent on them in more ways than one, and Alima’s fight for her rights.

With Alima Diouf

Author and Director: Ayten Mutlu SarayHanspeter Giuliani
DOP: Adama Ndiaye, Arthur Manz, Hanspeter Giuliani
Sound: Hanspeter Giuliani
Editor: Daniel Gibel
Music: Les Frères Guissé
Production: Stella Händler
Coproduction: Point de vue, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen


Solothurner Filmtage
Festival Médias Nord-Sud, Genf
Festival International du Film d’Amiens
Vues d’Afrique, Montreal
Festival Cinema Africano, Mailand
Festival internazionale cinema delle donne, Turin