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Been There

Hop over to Barcelona for the weekend, travel to the other side of the globe for Easter break. It seems the wanderlust of the masses could not even be stopped by a pandemic. Camping beside a remote waterfall or posing in front of a monument: Our obsession of taking countless identical pictures of places we visit, leaves us with the illusion of having been there.

Author, director and Editor: Corina Schwingruber Ilić
Cinematographer: Nikola Ilić
Producer und dramaturgical consultation: Stella Händler
Sounddesign & editing: Hartmut Homolka, NurTon GmbH
Sound: Otger Kunert, TONBar
Compositing: Marlon Candeloro, CASE
Second unit camera: Paula G. Monar, Jimmy Ferguson, Yair Halper, Kezia Zurbrügg, Anna Steiner (Assistenz)
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Eine kleine Nachtmusik, II. Romanze (Andante)
Wiener Philharmoniker, Karl Böhm, (P) 1976 Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Berlin
With kind permission of Universal Music GmbH (Switzerland). Einführungsteil Thomas Schindelin(violin), Eva Schindelin (piano), Angela Händler (bass)
Production: freihändler Filmproduktion, Stella Händler
Coproduction: Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen