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Free Fall

Five monitors lie on the floor, screens facing upwards. In images spread across the screens, the body of an old, reclining man can be seen. By manipulating the images through editing, the pictures are kept in an unstable condition. This instability is reflected in our perception of the figure of the old man. He seems to be suspended in a moment in which everything is precariously balanced. This moment is expanded and fanned out into various emotional settings. The facial expression oscillates between pride and fright, the victory pose is transformed into helplessness, the self-confident gestures begin to show signs of vulnerability. „The digital processing of the video images – pauses, slowing down, decomposing and dismantling – repeats processes to which older people are often exposed. It uses these processes to explain them at the same time.“

With Erwin Müller

Realisation: Max Philipp Schmid
DOP: Thomas Isler
Sounddesign: Knut Jensen
Artistic collaboration and production: Stella Händler


Plug-in Haus der elektronischen Künste, Basel 2005