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«Making music by editing video must be a monk’s work. The result in this case is anything but monastic. Vocal acrobatics, heroic guitar work and a tiny, crazy flamenco slamdancer are woven together into an unbelievable slick slice of pop music.»
(from the catalogue of the ‘world wide video festival’ The Haag.)

With Silvia Buonvicini
Jo Dunkel
Knut Jensen

Director: Max Philipp Schmid
DOP: Sarah Derendinger
Editor: Christian F. Regenass
Music and Sound: Knut Jensen
Concept and Production: Stella Händler (Video&Film 62)


Award of Kanton Luzerns, Viper 1995
Award of the Jury Estavar-Llivia 1995
Schweizerischer Bankverein, Videokunstpreis ART 1995 Basel


Combo was screened at numerous festivals in Europe, USA, Canada and Japan