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Candy Queen

The hypnotic melody presses deep into the inside, suspended through iridescent pulsation. An eye-catcher, a dark silhouette. The Candy Queen plays with sharp-edged rhythms. Her body transforms itself into surface, into ornament. She turns like a rosette in zero-gravity. The DJ scratches the disk, trancelike, always faster and faster. «Black Milk» and «Candy Queen» originated in relation to songs with the same titles as on the CD «Days Of Dismantled Routines» by Knut & Silvy (make up/recrec ). Parallel to the development of the music videos, Beat Brogle and Max Philipp Schmid created visuals which they use in live improvisation while visually accompanying Knut & Silvy during concert performances.

With Silvia Buonvicini

Director: Beat Brogle
Artistic collaboration: Max Philipp Schmid
Music: Knut & Silvy
Costumes: Clarissa Herbst
Production: Stella Händler


Brooklyn International Film Festival, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Festival VID, Bern
«Special Import» Trampoline, Berlin Video Art from Switzerland
The State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg

Broadcasted by arte, Tracks