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Sad Song

Sad Song investigates the faces of a couple who seem to be caught in a neither-spatially-nor-temporally-defined situation. The animated images show the tension behind the smiles, hidden under the skin, in the tiniest facial muscles, under the eyelids, deep in the neck. A holding-on-tight to cheerfulness decays into sadness until the facial features slip away. Uncanny feelings shine through the brittle surface.

With Michèle Fuchs
Jo Dunkel

Director: Stella Händler and Max Philipp Schmid
DOP: Thomas Isler
Music: Dunkel & Schmid
Production: Stella Händler (Video&Film 62) 


Sad Song was screened at numerous festivals in Europe and Canada.
Archive of the Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


Television Valenciana, Spain
Kunstkredit Basel-Landschaft for the collection «New Media»


The Art of Failure im Kunsthaus Baselland
Stadtkino Basel