The Peepul Tree

Travelling alone through Northern India, Sonia Feldmeier witnesses the spectacular felling of a tree: An ancient, holy PEEPUL TREE is being cut down by seven lumbermen using handsaws and axes. Over the course of several days, she films their undertaking. She is in the thick of the activity, the language barrier however impedes verbal communication. From this subjective experience she creates audio portraits, which provide each lumberjack with their own individual musical presence in the film.

Director, Camera, Sound: Sonja Feldmeier
Editing: Sonja Feldmeier, Thomas Isler
Music, Sounddesign: VOYA, Sonja Feldmeier
Rerecording Sound Mix: VOYA
Producer, artistic consultant: Stella Händler

Vienna Shorts 2020, International competition, World Premiere
Festival du Film court en Plein air de Grenoble, International competition